Disconnecting, crippling OIC not Pakistan’s arrangement, clarifies FM Qureshi

LAHORE – Outside Pastor Shah Mehmood Qureshi rejected instances of inquiry between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and said that it isn’t Pakistan’s arrangement to cripple or part the Relationship of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Talking exclusively in Dunya News’ program Ikhtalafi Note, he conveyed that Pakistan keeps up genial relations with each Muslim country including Turkey and Malaysia. He incorporated that even Saudi Crown Ruler Mohammed container Salman had a compelling visit to Pakistan.

He further referenced that some Muslim countries are conflicting with each other, and certain gatherings needn’t bother with Pakistan and various countries to have prosperous relations. “Pakistan intends to accept a noteworthy activity in rejoining Muslim ummah,” he expressed, adding that Pakistan in like manner intends to decide various issues including KSA-Iran strain and Qatar blockade.

FM Qureshi imparted that Pakistan is a setting up an individual from OIC and it was never objective of Pakistan to weaken the affiliation.