PM Imran discusses nearby security, two-sided ties with Saudi Crown Ruler

RIYADH – Pioneer Imran Khan met Crown Sovereign Mohammad canister Salman container Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, and analyzed bilateral relations among Pakistan and KSA.

According to Dunya News, PM Imran Khan and Saudi Crown Sovereign Mohammad Salman met in Riyadh. Two-sided relations were inspected during the social event between the two bosses close by the general situation of the region.

PM Imran Khan later landed at Riyadh where Administrative leader of the Riyadh Area, Faisal Canister Bandar Holder Abdulaziz Al Saud and the Saudi Represetative to Pakistan Nawaf container Saeed Al-Malki, Pakistani Representative to the Domain Raja Ali Ejaz and a specialist of the Majestic Show got PM Imran and his task including Remote Secretary Sohail Mahmood at the Grand Terminal.

The visit is a few standard exchanges between the organization of the two countries. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have had a great time generous relations for a serious long-time subject to shared trust and appreciation.

According to an Outside Office open proclamation, the visit is a bit of “normal exchanges” between the organization of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

“The insight will cover equal issues and late headways in the common setting,” the FO included.

Earlier in October, PM Imran Khan had paid a brief visit to Saudi Arabia where he met Ruler Salman canister Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Sovereign Muhammad repository Salman.

During his last visit, Riyadh authority had agreed to remain associated with and counsel close to taking forward the head’s drive to ensure concordance and security in the district.

This is PM Imran’s fourth visit to Saudi Arabia this year.